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Ragdolls are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world and for good reason. These sweet and loving cats are known for their friendly personalities and unique features. Here are some facts about ragdolls that you may not know:

1. The ragdoll is one of the oldest cat breeds and is believed to have originated in India.

2. Ragdolls have a long and slender body with a soft, downy coat.

3. Ragdolls are known for their gentle personalities and are often used as therapy animals.

4. Ragdolls are easy to care for and are good with children.


The Ragdoll history dates back to 1964, in Riverside, Calif, when Ann Baker’s first kittens were born.

According to writer Wain Pearce, in 1963, Ann borrowed a Sacred Cat of Burma from her neighbors, and bred it with Josephine, her white Angora. The duo produced Daddy Warbucks. Ann also acquired Josephine’s daughter, Buckwheat, from her neighbors.

Daddy Warbucks and Josephine produced Fugianna, and these cats became the foundation in creating the Ragdoll breed. Josephine, Daddy Warbucks, Fugianna, and Buckwheat were the original “Fab Four.” Of these four, only Daddy Warbucks and Fugianna were registered as Ragdolls by the National Cat Fanciers Association (NCFA) in 1966.

Ragdoll Coloring

At the beginning of the breed, it was of utmost importance to keep inbreeding to a minimum to expand the gene pool. Ann established what she referred to as a “light side” and a “dark side.”

Ann believed that better litters were achieved when employing the light side/dark side theory. Fugianna was the light side. Buckwheat was the dark side. Ann mated Daddy Warbucks to Buckwheat, and they produced a litter of four kittens in the summer of 1965- two solid-colored kittens and two pointed ones. Ann named the two solids Gueber & Mitts. The two pointed kittens were a seal mitted male named Kyoto, and a seal colorpoint named Tiki.

Kyoto, Tiki, Daddy Warbucks and Fugianna were the first cats Ann registered as Ragdolls on December 30, 1966. The two solids were never registered as Ragdolls.

Physical Attributes


Muscular, broad-chested. Size medium to large. The body is long with all parts in proportion to create a well-balanced rectangular appearance with no part of the anatomy being so exaggerated as to foster weakness. Allowance should be made for slow maturation.


Medium in width and slightly longer in length than width with a squareness to the muzzle. Cheekbones high. Muzzle visibly square, medium in length, and blunt ended when viewed in profile. It may give appearance of being a rectangle but not appear to be tapering or pointed. Length and width of the muzzle proportionate to the rest of the head and present a pleasant, balanced appearance. The chin should be strong, firm, and in line with the upper lip and nose. Head should exhibit a slight concavity when viewed in profile.


Large, well-tufted, wide at base, tapering to appear pointed. Set approximately one ear’s width apart at the base; not flared.


Large, expressive, wide set with an opened oval shape. Slightly oblique setting with slant toward outer base of ear. Eye color can be shades of green, gold, green-gold, or copper. Blue eyes or odd eyes are also allowed for white- or bicolor- (including vans) patterned cats.


Legs substantial, wide set, of medium length, and in proportion to the body. Forelegs are straight. Back legs are straight when viewed from behind. Paws large, round, well-tufted. Five toes in front; four in back.


Long, wide at base, and tapering. Fur long and flowing.


Heavy and shaggy; shorter on the shoulders; longer on the stomach and britches. Frontal ruff. Texture silky with coat falling smoothly.

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