Lifetime Health Guarantee

Throughout our years of service, we have been offering guarantees with various conditions and of different lengths, but all based on one key principle: we stand by our customers throughout their whole time with their Kitten. Therefore on the rare occasion when one of our Kittens had a serious health issue, we have always tried to help, regardless of whether the guarantee covered it or if the guarantee was still valid.

We have come to realize that the kitten itself is more important than the guarantee it comes with. We all want to own healthy kittens and not have to worry about health issues and how to validate a guarantee. We want to own kittens, not guarantees.

With that in mind, we came to the following conclusions:

While we cannot guarantee that your kitten remains healthy forever, we can however guarantee that we select your kitten with the utmost care. They come from a healthy and genetically sound background, and have a breeder that is dedicated to their health, happiness and welfare above all. This is our promise to you!

More than anything else, it is the brand, and it is our years experience of striving for perfection in our Kittens, and the honesty and sincerity in our service that insure your kitten’s health and your peace of mind.

We believe that introducing a daring guarantee with no time limits is the best choice for our customers. And for us, having such a guarantee reminds us that we have long term and huge responsibility to our customers, and ensures that we never lessen our care and always strive for the best.

This is why we have revised our guarantees many times, and have even gone so far as to introduce The  Lifetime Health Guarantee. We haven’t even stopped there! We also offer an incredible Shipping Protection. When you choose this service you will be 100{e8842f72cff7ae9789fb507c0b1137f01926fc3a85b1e9fde4470c9497e42a01} exempt from paying any shipping costs for your new kitten, up to the amount of your original shipping!